Secretary and Treasurer


Jan-RobertsJan began her study of the martial arts in 1973, largely as a way to share an activity with her husband Don. Along with Don, she received a Shodan ranking in Shito-ryu Karate, and Goshin Budo Jujitsu. She accompanied Don as he made the switch to Isshin-Ryu Karate, under Master Allen Wheeler. Eventually, she assumed the post of Secretary-treasurer of the O.K.U., moving the organization into the computer age. In addition, she accepted the challenge of up-grading the quality of the O.K.U. Technique, the newsletter of our association.

Along with Don, Jan has received the O.K.U.’s highest award, the Master Shimabuku Award. Jan and Ruth Ann Shamblin are the only females to have been tested by the O.K.U. Board, and both currently hold the rank of 7th dan.

In competition, Jan has won five gold medals at the AAU National Karate Championships.