photo1Membership Benefits

All TOKA members will receive our newsletter, the TOKA Technique four times a year.  We are very proud of our publication, which we consider of magazine quality.  Here you will find interesting and informative articles, photographs, and news from our dojos.  It also provides a way for sensei to recognize special students and accomplishments.

We offer an annual seminar, which many consider the best of its kind.  For an extremely nominal fee, we provide classes on a variety of subjects, taught by master instructors.  This year (2012) a whole day of learning cost only $40.00.  The seminar is also a time to see old friends, and make new ones.

The TOKA also provides a national promotion protocol.  Testing, especially for those seeking high dan certification, can be arranged via a TOKA testing board.  Other dan ranks may also be tested, affording them the opportunity to receive an international, rather than just a dojo certificate.  Additionally, existing ranks may be vetted by the association.

Dojo as well as individual memberships are available.  The TOKA is not style specific, and is not in competition with any existing organization.  Dual memberships pose no problems.

The TOKA provides a network to solve problems and exchange ideas.  The value of this shared experience can be invaluable.

We offer a home for those with no sensei, or association.  Master Wheeler wanted us to be inclusive, not exclusive.  For many of our members, we are an extended family.

The TOKA also provides instructors to teach classes for individual dojo.  This asset can build excitement, and create interest in the class.

The TOKA web site provides information, a forum for comments, and a vehicle for promoting upcoming events.

All martial artists of good hearts are invited to join with us in the spirit of learning.

Annual Membership Fees

Individual: $20.00

(Includes certificate, membership card, TOKA patch, quarterly newsletter)

Renewals: $20.00

(Includes certificate, membership card, quarterly newsletter)

Dojo: $20.00

(Includes dojo certificate, listing on the website, free posting of events)

Download Membership Form (PDF)