Master Wheeler

Oct. 11, 1919- Feb. 14, 2005 | Read Memoriam

Master Allen Wheeler, 10th dan, Isshinryu Karate Do, enjoyed a long and distinguished martial arts career.  Until his death in 2005, he served as primary instructor and mentor to many yudansha, including Don and Jan Roberts, Scott and Ruth Ann Shamblin, Keith Lowry, and many others.

Master Wheeler authored and co-authored seven books on Isshinryu Karate and self-defense. His last book “Allen Wheeler – In His Own Words” is an autobiography detailing the life of an incredible master of the martial arts. He also produced several videos. He is the past president of the International Isshinryu Karate Association and the Okinawan Karate Do Union. Master Wheeler was inducted into the Isshinryu Hall of Fame, World Martial Art’s Hall of Fame and the College of Yudansha. Twice Master Wheeler was chosen by his peers as the Instructor of the Year.

He continues to serve as an inspiration to all of us on the TOKA Board of Directors.